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What is staging exactly?

Staging is process of completely decluttering, cleaning, neutralizing and adding updated style & purpose to a space. The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) 2023 Profile of Home Staging said 81 percent of buyers’ agents surveyed found “staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home,” 48 percent of sellers’ agents said staging “decreased a property’s time on the market” and 20 percent of both buyers’ and sellers’ agents said staging “increased the dollar value offered by between 1 percent and 5 percent compared to similar homes on the market not staged.” Those are big numbers! Staging works, and your realtor should be able to help you do that or at least put you in contact with someone who is certified to pull it all together.

Your home should have rhythm and flow. There should be defining focus features. It should be well organized and always do a deep clean. Here are some must haves do’s to get your house ready for the market.

  1. Upgrade your curb appeal!
  2. Declutter and organize
  3. Fresh paint – This is the absolute best thing you can do to get your home ready for the market! Gives your home a bright new look and feel!
  4. Pull everything out of your closets. Pack up what you don’t absolutely need in the next couple months, and then organize what is left and put back neatly.
  5. Lighting Lighting Lighting – It’s like the jewelry of your home. Make a statement with it!
  6. Clean out the refrigerator, cabinets and oven.
  7. Deep clean everything. I’m saying…do a Cinderella clean.

This will get the process started. I offer free staging and design on all my listings. It’s overwhelming, but I’m here to help so you can just worry about starting the new chapter in your next new home.

Inspired Homes HDC Staging & Design
Inspired Homes AHSD-Credential-Slate Staging & Design
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Family Room

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Inspired Homes Contemporary_Family_Room-1024x819 Staging & Design

Dining Room

Inspired Homes Coastal_Chic-2-1024x819 Staging & Design


Inspired Homes JPEG_John_Davis_Bedroom_Design Staging & Design

Ceiling Upgrade

Inspired Homes Ceiling-1-1024x574 Staging & Design

Back Yard Transformation

Inspired Homes Back_Yard_B__A Staging & Design


Inspired Homes IMG_1577 Staging & Design