Relocating to Tennessee

Making the decision to move across the country is not an easy decision when you are a family of six. There are so many considerations; uprooting your children, leaving your career, and finding a home. What if I told you that there is a realtor that could help you navigate this process, not just the home buying, but the entire process. I understand that as a realtor, your job is to work for your client and find them a home; always representing their interests and being an advocate on their behalf. Lisa knows this, but was not satisfied on just being a realtor. Lisa insisted on ensuring that every facet of our move be as hassle free as possible. Lisa provided recommendations for everything from finding a dentist, to what church the children may find best suited their needs and interest. Please understand that she did not have to do this, it’s just her nature, You see, Lisa is a great realtor, but a more wonderful human being. I know recommendations should be succinct as to not lose the reader, but I can not find adequate words to describe the professionalism, integrity, and enthusiasm that Lisa brings to her profession and thus her clients. We have found a friend in Lisa Lewis. Our home closed on 03/03/2021, and she continually reaches out to see what we may need almost a month later. In closing, we love that we have made our home in Tennessee, and realize that this process would not have worked with just any realtor… it worked because Lisa was our realtor, and now we are blessed to call her our friend -The Cady Family

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