Our Gallatin Realtor!

If you need a realtor and by realtor I mean a true partner in the home buying and selling experience then there is only one choice. Lisa Rumley-Lewis. Not only did Lisa simplify and handle the process, she also took the lead on ensuring EVERYTHING stayed on track. A monumental task in the real estate world. Lisa went above and beyond in so many ways. She personally recruited a realtor in Florida to work with us to find our dream home. She could have chosen any realtor, but she took the time to research agents and then called and interviewed each one until she found not only the best realtor, but also the realtor best suited for us. Plenty were qualified but only one stood out that she felt was a perfect match for our needs. She has the unique gifts of instinct and intuition to make sure her clients are matched perfectly with the right opportunity. Oh, and then…she sold our Tennessee home in just ONE day. Yes, one day. Amazing. Lisa is a genuine, caring and compassionate professional that is focused on helping you achieve the best outcome for you and your family! -Kevin Brown

Inspired Homes browns A true partner in the home buying and selling experience!

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