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When you’re new to the area, or just don’t know who to call for projects…..it helps to have a few referrals!

My experience has been wonderful with these vendors:

Sumner Roofing: (615) 264-3233  These guys came to my rescue and did an amazing job cleaning up after another company miserably failed with one of my many projects.  They can do just about anything from roofs to gutters to windows!  Ask for Ricky!

Scott Hall with Tim Leeper Roofing!  Scott’s number is:  615-553-2782 and his cell number is:  615-519-1296.

Scott handles new roofs, gutters, windows & siding! Great guy who does what he says he will do and does it with a great attitude and smile!

Don Kennedy Roofing:  They have a really good reputations as well!

Who NOT to use:  At the Top Restoration

If you need a good roof structure architect, I would recommend Harrison McCampbell.  He is a little expensive, but knows his stuff! We hired him when At the Top botched up our roof, gutters and property. Harrison got their attention, and things got done!