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Magnolia Landscaping & Tree Service – Wade (Owner)


This company was amazing to work with in taking down some very large trees on our property. They did the work (for a fair price), and the clean up was above and beyond what I had expected.  Highly recommend!

Fosters Lawn Care/Landscaping!  Foster is one of the most honorable, talented & sweetest guys I’ve ever met!  He came through for me in big ways when I was renovating my back yard.  5 HUGE stars!


Rogers Landscaping!  He is just the nicest guy….like the good ole day kind of man!  His wife is precious too!  They offer anything from flowers to mulch.  They can deliver and plant, or you can pick up your self!

Fertilize and treat your lawn Turf Troopers!  Good prices and extremely friendly!

Mowing, Trimming and Edging your lawn:  Green Earth Lawn Care

Call Josh at 615-924-0080   Josh.greenearth@yahoo.com