Is there radon gas in Middle Tennessee? What are the safe levels, and what is the effect.

Radon Gas In Middle Tennessee

Did you know that most of Middle Tennessee has high radon levels? One in five homes will test high for this gas!

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas produced by the breakdown of uranium in rocks and soils. Radon gas is tasteless, colorless and odorless. Radon gas has been identified as the second leading cause of lung cancer, second only to cigarette smoking. It is responsible for about 20,000 lung cancer deaths every year. No need to freak out….just get tested and if needed, get an expert to resolve the issue.
Sometimes, the Tennessee Dept of Environment and Conservation will give out free test kits in the month of January (Radon Action Month). Otherwise, you can get one at your local Lowes or Home Depot!

Any level higher than a 4 is considered high and should be remediated. The cost to remediate is usually somewhere between $800-$2000 (or more depending on age and square footage). Also….make sure whoever you hire does a POST TEST after everything is completed. Make sure they get your score between 4.0 – 2.7 OR LOWER!
Something else to look for…Do not hire anyone that isn’t certified NRPP (National Radon Proficiency Program) and look for someone who is also a member of AARST (Radon Professionals Saving Lives)!
While there are several qualified inspectors out there, one of my personal favorite Middle Tennessee home inspector’s is Sammy Durrett with Easy Choice Home Inspections!

Middle Tennessee is one of the most beautiful places on earth!  I can’t believe I get to live here!  If you would like more information on living in Middle Tennessee….contact me at 615-478-7591 or visit my website at: and we can talk about making your dream of living in Tennessee a reality!

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