Coming Back Home to Nashville!

When my husband and I decided to purchase a house in my hometown of Nashville after living out of state for many years, Lisa made it easy for us. Living away and with houses selling so fast in Nashville, we couldn’t tour the homes in person. When we found one we loved Lisa gave us a tour over FaceTime and we trusted her opinion about the overall feel and condition of the house. She was straight forward and honest with her thoughts and we trusted her judgment in making an offer on it. When we did secure the house she did everything she could to walk us through the process. Everyone she recommended for each step of the way was like her, knowledgeable, genuinely nice, and helpful. Lisa’s work ethic and knowledge made purchasing a home in Nashville a wonderful experience and my husband and I highly recommend her! – Leslie Vargas
Inspired Homes 14322701_10206653727891277_3963502625065536833_n Coming Back Home to Nashville!

Inspired Homes 60797424_10213240933007288_8369042353792483328_o Coming Back Home to Nashville!

Inspired Homes 60671043_10213240932727281_5454446318019674112_o Coming Back Home to Nashville!

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